Coursera Learning Tracks

Below is the curation of Coursera learning tracks you can choose from. You may also visit the Coursera Landing Page for this program for more details.

Advance Tracks / Specialization Courses

Start Learning Today

If you have a user license code issued by the DICT, you can apply to a Coursera learning track by filling up the form below. Or, go to the Coursera learning portal if you have already signed up.

New to Coursera?

Refer to this Learner Guide, a deck that explains the learner features of the platform.

You may also go to the Coursera Learner Help Center for concerns during your learning journey.

FAQs About the Coursera Learning Tracks

The Coursera learning tracks are free for selected participants determined by the Department of Information and Communications Technology. 

There are 1,000 scholarship slots under the Coursera component of the ICT Upskilling project. 

The DICT will issue User License Codes to the selected participants which they can use to apply for access to their chosen learning tracks.

The training program will run from January 2022 to December 2022. All learners are encouraged to finish all the courses under their selected learning tracks within this period.

Learners who complete their initial learning track can be granted access to another learning track of their choosing within the trianing period.

Yes. Learner access can be revoked if the learner becomes inactive or fails to complete their courses on time.